Clean Sky 2 Info Day on the 2nd Call for Proposals in Rzeszow

Event details

22/09/2015, 09:00 - 17:30
Rzeszow University of Technology
Coordinator of the Center of Advanced Technologies: AERONET Organiser: AERONET
Rzeszow 35-078

The Clean Sky 2 JU, together with the support of the Leaders of the Clean Sky 2 Programme had the pleasure to meet the potential Partner Candidates during the info day dedicated to the 2nd Call for Proposals organized in Rzeszow on 22nd September 2015.

This Info Day mainly focused on the presentations of the topics open to this 2nd Call for Proposals in the areas of Large Passenger AircraftFast Rotorcraft,  Airframe and SAT.

This event was a timely opportunity for any applicants interested in participating in the Clean Sky 2Programme as Partners to meet the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking and the Leaders of the Programme.


Final Agenda 



0 - Brief Overview of the CS2 Programme 

1 - Synergies with ESIF: Brief Overview of JU strategic approach for stimulating cooperation and synergies in aeronautics with Regions Europe

2 - Principles of the Clean Sky 2 Call for Proposals 

3 - Legal Aspects of GAP

4 - Administrative and Financial Aspects of CfP 

5 - How to apply and prepare your proposal? 


Technical Presentations

Tech 1 - Large Passenger Aircraft IADP

Tech 2 - Fast Rotorcraft IADP 

Tech 3 - Airframe ITD 

Tech 4 - SAT TA 


More information on this call via the Participant Portal of the European Commission. Direct link: Participant Portal of the European Commission