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Call announcement

The 4th Call for Proposals is published since 21st June and the related list of topics and topic descriptions (called “Full and Formal Description of Topics - Annex of Work Plan”) is now accessible via the Participant Portal. Further information are available here 


Latest Calls

See the bottom of this page for details of closed calls.


Info Days

For each Call, a number of Information Days are being organised. We invite you to navigate on our CS2 event page.


Get Local support !

Did you know that you can benefit from local support on Clean Sky through the States Representative Group (SRG). It can guide you through the technical and administrative aspects of the Calls, organisation of information days, identification of areas of cooperation, etc.

SRG Contact List


Forthcoming Calls 


Partners are private or public organisations that will participate in specific activities of the Clean Sky programme over a limited period and according to open and transparent competitive procedures.

Calls for Proposals (CFP) will specify selection criteria which will typically include: eligibility, relevance, technical excellence, cost and value for money, timetable, quality. According to the requirements of the ITD and the work package a one-stage or two-stage competition process may be followed.

CFPs will be proposed by each ITD Steering Committee, and reviewed by the JU staff and the European Commission. They will be broadly published by all suitable channels and media including this web site.

Looking for partners?

There are already over 400 participants that are involved in several hundreds of Clean Sky projects. Access here the list of Partners, their area of expertise and a description of the projects undertaken within Clean Sky.

Principles of the Calls for Proposals

  • Clearly defined topics
  • Focused to fit into the demonstrators or demonstrations
  • Easy to apply and compete: one company can apply alone, and "the winner takes all"
  • Infos days in different countries
  • Fair and straight selection process, closely inspired by the FP's process and spirit

Administrative and Legal Essentials

Access here all administrative, legal and contractual documents related to the calls, submission of proposals and grant agreements.

For legal questions contact Bruno Mastantuono

Previous Calls



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Call 16: SP1-JTI-CS-2013-03 19-12-2013 03-04-2014 Click here to view details  

Call 15: SP1-JTI-CS-2013-02  09-07-2013 22-10-2013 Click here to view details

Call 14: SP1-JTI-CS-2013-01 17-01-2013 18-04-2013 Click here to view details

Call-13: SP1-JTI-CS-2012-03  05-07-2012 18-10-2012 Click here to view details

Call-12: SP1-JTI-CS-2012-02  12-04-2012 10-07-2012 Click here to view details

Call-11: SP1-JTI-CS-2012-01 15-01-2012 03-04-2012 Click here to view details

Call-10: SP1-JTI-CS-2011-03 19-07-2011 12-10-2011 Click here to view details

Call-09: SP1-JTI-CS-2011-02.  28-04-2011 28-07-2011 Click here to view details

Call-08: SP1-JTI-CS-2011-01.  10-02-2011  03-05-2011 Click here to view details

Call-07: SP1-JTI-CS-2010-05.  24-09-2010  09-12-2010 Click here to view details

Call-06: SP1-JTI-CS-2010-04.  27-07-2010 12-10-2010 Click here to view details

Call-05: SP1-JTI-CS-2010-03.  30-04-2010 20-07-2010 Click here to view details

Call-04: SP1-JTI-CS-2010-02.  30-03-2010 30-06-2010 Click here to view details

Call-03: SP1-JTI-CS-2010-01.  29-01-2010-09 27-04-2010 Click here to view details

Call-02: SP1-JTI-CS-2009-02.  25-11-2009 23-02-2010 Click here to view details

Call-01: SP1-JTI-CS-2009-01.  15-06-2009 31-08-2009 Click here to view details