Call for Proposals: Raise your questions


Clean Sky JU has restored the Info Days about Calls for Proposals, in order to provide direct information to interested applicants. Both descriptions of ITD work plans for 2012 and dedicated presentations of some relevant topics have been presented during the Info days last 19 and 20 January 2012.
All potential applicants are invited to visit this web site and the specific portal for Call for Proposals, analysing the topic of interest and making use of the mailbox facility provided:
You are especially invited to send your comments and remarks on the relevance and consistency of the published topics, which can be used to revise if necessary the topic itself, after consultation with the ITD Topic manager. A few examples of expected comments:

  • The value of the topics seems underestimated wrt to the actual content of the project
  • The deadlines proposed are too tight compared with the work required
  • The costing of maintenance or support to testing activity is not explicated
  • What is the final use of the outcome of the project (HW or SW to be developed)
  • Can I access databases to looking for some partners

Please make your first assessment and send your questions as early as possible. And keep a constant monitoring of the published Call documents, especially of the Q&A, whose publication dates are provided in the Call Text.