Kick Off meeting for Call 10: Start of negotiation phase


On January 12th 2012, Clean Sky organised the Negotiation Kick-Off meeting for Call 10, an information session on the negotiation process to become a Partner, targeted to the "winning organisations"

During the meeting, coordinators of the successful proposals but also related ITD topic managers were briefed on the actions to be taken by all parties: Development of the Description of Work based on Part B of the proposal as evaluated and integrating the recommendations from the evaluators; signature of a negotiation Report that contractually launches the negotiation phase. The Portal for Partners was also presented, an online tool where Partners can upload important and mandatory information such as administrative and legal data, consortium composition (if applicable), project budget and all details about reporting periods and deliverables plan.
Presentations are made available to all coordinators and Topic managers of the Call, irrespective of whether they attended the meeting.
Although every Negotiation Kick-Off meeting follows the same structure, each session is improved based on the outcome from past events and suggestions from the participants. Feedback received so far clearly indicate that these meetings are very useful and should be continued for all upcoming Calls