Clean Sky Achievements

Clean Sky's projects are helping to dramatically slash the air industry's carbon dioxide (CO2), noise and nitrous oxide (NOx) footprints by developing new engine architectures (such as the open rotor), improved wing aerodynamics, lighter composite structures, smarter trajectories, and more electric on-board energy. The pictures below are some examples of cutting-edge technologies leading to those results. 


Contra-rotating open rotor technology (CROR) engine is intended to power the single-aisle jets.


Low drag laminar wing for future short and medium range, large passenger aircraft.


Eurocopter High Compression Engine (HCE) model is a new technology, providing sustainable alternative to the classic turbine engine, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.


Morphing flap two-bays prototype is a smart structure enabling the camber-morphing of a wing flap segment.


GKN Scoop air intake is an electrically ice protected intake providing fresh, external air to passengers


Reference part of Demonstrator K1 is part of the radio rack section. It is constructed by constructed by ALUMINUM 2024-T42 material.


IAI Part 1 of demonstrator K1 is part of the radio rack section. It is constructed by Magnesium Elektron 43 material and it leads to 20 – 30 % weight reduction.


Left: Primary Inflight Icing detection system is used to safely detect the presence of atmospheric conditions that might be conducive to ice build-up on the aerodynamic surfaces of an aircraft.

Right: Power Electronic Module is modular smart power converter with flexible power management for Electric Aircraft.


Thermal Equipment Simulator (EQS) provides thermal simulation of real avionic equipment.