Clean Sky Achievements

Clean Sky's projects are helping to dramatically slash the air industry's carbon dioxide (CO2), noise and nitrous oxide (NOx) footprints by developing new engine architectures (such as the open rotor), improved wing aerodynamics, lighter composite structures, smarter trajectories, and more electric on-board energy. The pictures below are some examples of cutting-edge technologies leading to those results. 



Open rotor

Open rotor
: Engine intended to power the single-aisle jets that will enter service in 2025-2030.


Open Rotor Blade

Open Rotor Blade: Blade intended for engines powering the single-aisle jets that will enter service in 2025-2030.


Airbus A340-300 BLADE (Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator)

Airbus A340-300 BLADE (Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator): A 1/50 scale model of the Airbus A340-300 BLADE test aircraft to demonstrate the potential of the Natural Laminar Flow wing technology developed in Clean Sky SFWA.


Droop Nose demonstrator: This demonstrator is the 1.1 leading edge of a regional A/C for enhanced high-lift performances. The droop nose demonstrator is thought as a technology platform enabling full morphing capabilities, embedded CNT (Carbon Nano-Tubes) based ice-protection system, OF (Optical Fibres) for strain measurement, temperature sensors, SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) based internal patch actuators, SJ (Synthetic Jets) for active flow control.

Virtual Community Noise Simulator (VCNS): The VCNS presents noise generated by aircraft flyovers in a virtual reality environment, which are experienced as if you are in the ‘real’ world, standing on the ground.High Compression Engine Model

High Compression Engine Model: A new technology to provide a sustainable alternative to the classic turbine engine, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.

Smart flap composite load introduction rib: Full scale composite load introduction rib of a smart flap for DAV business jet application developed with resin transfer moulding manufacturing technology. This load introduction rib, involving the main structural parts of a flap, demonstrates the potential of low-cost, low-weight, low-complexity composite flaps.








HEMAS actuator: Fault tolerant Electromechanical Main Rotor Actuator including a safety clutch. The HEMAS System is enabling hydraulic-free, more electric helicopter architectures.



Main Landing Gear Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA): CESA is in charge of design, development and manufacturing of an Electro Mechanical Actuator with associated Electronic Control Unit and dedicated Test Bench for an Advanced Flight Control System.
Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector: An early fuel injector from the Rolls-Royce technology for the Clean Sky SAGE 6 lean burn programme.

H1 Part 6: titanium fan wheel: New generation of lightweight environmentally friendly fan wheel of an air cooling unit manufactured by additive manufacturing SLM technology which provide an alternative route to conventional methodologies (bar machining).

Morphing flap two-bay prototype

Morphing flap two-bay prototype: Smart structure enabling the camber-morphing of a wing flap segment.

 PRIMARY In-flight Icing detection system

(left) PRIMARY In-flight Icing detection system: Safely detects the presence of atmospheric conditions that might be conducive to ice build-up on the aerodynamic surfaces of an aircraft

(right) Electronic Power Module: A modular smart power converter with flexible power management for electric aircraft.


Solid State Power Controller

Solid State Power Controller enhanced with high-frequency voltage chopping capability for Electrical Energy Management strategy implementation: The overall generator weight can be reduced by up to 10 % due to the removal of the 5-minute capacity overload.


Management strategy implementation

GKN Scoop Intake with integrated electro-thermal ice protection and acoustic attenuation: ECS air intake with integrated electro-thermal ice protection and acoustic attenuation technology. Tested in GKN Icing Wind Tunnel in 2011.


Carbon Titanium Fan Blade

Carbon Titanium (CTi) Fan Blade: A set of Carbon Titanium (CTi) Fan Blades leads to overall fuel burn reduction for the airliner due to significant weight optimisation of the fan system. 


Annulus Filler

Annulus Filler: The composite Annulus Filler is located between the fan blades and it directs the airstream to ensure optimal fan blade efficiency.


Green PU Seating cushion

Green PU Seating cushion (Head Rest): Head rest of a three part seating cushion system. 22 weight% bio based flexible polyurethanefoam without a flame retardant.


Seamless Morphing Leading Edge Demonstrator

Seamless Morphing Leading Edge Demonstrator: Design of an actuation system that could deform a morphing leading edge seamlessly.


Nacelle Composite Component

Nacelle Composite Component made with a liquid resin infusion process and cured on a heating tool: Nacelle composite part made of epoxy resin and carbon fiber by using liquid resin infusion on a heating tool.


Thermal Equipment Simulator

Thermal Equipment Simulator (EQS): Provides thermal simulation of real avionic equipment.


Reference part of Demonstrator K1

Reference part of Demonstrator K1: Part of the radio rack section. It is made of ALUMINUM 2024-T42.


IAI Part 1 of demonstrator K1

IAI Part 1 of demonstrator K1: Part of the radio stack section. It is made of Magnesium Elektron 43, which leads to a 20-30% weight reduction.



InAIPS - Innovative aircraft ice protection system - sensing and modelling - Ice detection system based on fibre optical sensors.


Pulsed jet actuator for flow control separation - High speed valve for active flow control reproducing an 80mm wide wing leading edge. It integrates a customised amplified piezo actuator (APA) from Cedrat Technologies for pulsing compressed air at 500Hz.


SAGE 3 Intermediate Compressor Case Demonstrator - The ICC is a laser welded lightweight engine structure made of a new high strength steel material, thus replacing expensive titanium at competitice weight and opening up for a new European supply chain. The ICC was tested in a full scale mechanical test which confirmed its ultimate load carrying capability.


Hinge, Main Entrance Door of Business Jet (left) and Recycled hinge welded to thermoplastic panel (right)

This Hinge demonstrates a part made of titanium alloy by additive manufacturing technology using multidisciplinary optimisation, electron beam melting and post processing. It's aimed at replacing original stainless steel welded parts, thus leading to weight saving of more than 50% at required strength and fatigue level. (left)

 This recycled hinge demonstrates the successful application of high-voltage defragmentation followed by compression moulding for the manufacturing of recycled thermoplastic composite parts (hinge) as well as successful structural joining through carbon dust-free low-energy welding.