Dissemination of technological results


Clean Sky aims at the full dissemination of the projects and technological results developed within the programme. The dissemination activities in this section are particularly addressed towards the European scientific and academic community. They play a pivotal role within Clean Sky and are at the base of the success of the programme.

The Clean Sky programme started in 2009 and builds around six main technology platforms (wings, engines, systems, regional planes, rotorcraft and eco-design)  which have produced and keep delivering results since. They all contribute to Clean Sky main objective: reducing the environmental footprint of aviation by 2020 and beyond.

This page will guide you through different documents, links, events and pictures elaborating in detail on those technological results.

2013 Publishable summaries per ITD

Eco Design (ED) ITD 2013 Report Publishable Summary

Sustainable and Green Engines (SAGE) 2013 Report Publishable Summary 2013 

Systems for Green Operations (SGO) ITD 2013 Report Publishable Summary

Green Regional Aircraft (GRA) 2013 Report Publishable Summary 


Talking to the scientific community

Partners' key contributions to Clean Sky




Pictures of some Clean Sky achievements