Towards Clean Sky 2

Clean Sky 2 preparations now underway

With the success of Clean Sky, it is necessary to build upon the achivements of the current programme to, inter-alia, reach the 50% decrease of CO2 and, beyond ACARE 2020 horizon, prepare for the even more ambitious targets of Flightpath 2050.  

Press release on the launch of Clean Sky 2

Dinner debate on Clean Sky 2 at the European Parliament (1/10/2013)

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Clean Sky 2 Programme

Key elements of Clean Sky 2 are:

  • Higher level of integration of technologies into vehicle level demonstrators (Large Passenger Aircraft, Regional Aircraft, Fast Rotorcraft)
  • System-level Demonstrators and focused technology streams for Airframes, Engines and Systems
  • Transverse co-ordination of research activity in Small Air Transport (SAT) and Eco-Design
  • A continued robust and independent analysis of progress towards the programme goals via the Technology Evaluator 

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How to become involved as a participant 

Participation in Clean Sky 2 can be three-fold:

  • Leaders
  • Core Partners through Calls for Core Partners – similar to Associates in Clean Sky today
  • Partners through Calls for Proposals (CfP) - similar to CfP in Clean Sky today 

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On the timeline

Q1/Q2 2013: Preparation of Regulation and Legal / Financial / rules

Q3 2013: Commission's Proposal for Regulation is launched

Q3/Q4 2013: Technical Evaluation of the Joint Technical Proposal by a Panel of Experts

Q4 2013: Information days and sessions related to Calls for Core Partners

Q4 2013: Finalization of the Joint Technical Proposal post evaluation

Q4 2013: Adoption of the Regulation targeted

Q1 2014: Call for Core Partners expected to open

Q2 2014: Programme starts 


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