9th Call for Proposals

23 topics - 12.7 million Euro

Procurement details



Launched Date: 
Thu, 28/04/2011
Deadline Date: 
Thu, 28/07/2011 - 17:00

The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative has launched its 9th call for proposals. This call covers 23 topics with total available funding of 12.7 million Euros. Topics from the 6 ITDs cover



  • Development of a bamboo fiber process suitable for aeronautical composites applications
  • Development of an innovative bio resin for structural aeronautical structures
  • Development and implementation of conductive coating for Magnesium sheets in a/c
  • Application of selective laser melting and electron beam melting for direct manufacturing of titanium stator vanes
  • Industrialisation of an ecolonomic out of autoclave polymerization for LRI demonstrator
  • Green integrated polyurethane foams with improved fire resistance for airliner seat cushions

Green Regional Aircraft

  • Design, manufacturing and impact test on selected panels with advanced composite material
  • Advanced Flight Control System – Design, Development and Manufacturing of an Electro Mechanical Actuator
  • Design, development and manufacturing of EMA and Test Set-up for advanced Landing Gear System actuation

Green rotorcraft

  • Wind Tunnel Testing of Active Rotor
  • Gurney flap actuator, mechanism and control electronics for a Model scale helicopter rotor blade
  • Adaptation kit design & manufacturing : APU drive

Sustainable and green engines

  • Non-metallic Pipes for Aeroengine Dressings
  • Development of Innovative SLM-Machinery for High Temperature Aero Engine Applications
  • Low Pressure Turbine Surface Temperature Measurement for Geared Turbo Fan Turbine Application

Smart fixed wing aircraft

  • Pattern measurements using laser scattering
  • Morphing Skin Design Tools and Demonstration
  • Design and Manufacture of a High Speed Wind Tunnel Model for the ONERA S1MA Facility
  • Advanced Pylon Noise Reduction Design and Characterisation through flight worthy PIV
  • CROR Partial propeller blade release design solution
  • Final Assembly Line Assembly Jigs and Fixtures for flight test demonstrator

Systems for green operations

  • EWIS safety analysis tool
  • Solid State Power Controllers test benches 
23 topics - 12.7 million Euro

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