Clean Sky 1 achievements highlighted at closing event

The second day of the Clean Sky 1 Closing Event ‘Europe, Innovation and Aviation: Are we keeping up?’ started this morning in Brussels with welcome addresses from Bruno Stoufflet (Vice-Chair of the Clean Sky Governing Board), Ruxandra Draghia-Akli (Deputy Director-General of DG RTD, European Commission), and Filip Cornelis (Acting Director in DG MOVE, European Commission).

The focus of this second day of the event was the technical achievements of Clean Sky 1. Seven breakout sessions took place, focusing on one ITD each – Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft, Sustainable and Green Engines, Green Regional Aircraft, Green Rotorcraft, Systems for Green Operations, and Eco-Design. A final session focused on the Technology Evaluator, Clean Sky’s tool to assess the environmental impact of its innovative technologies.

The day ended on a high note with an award ceremony to honour several different groups who all made great contributions to the Clean Sky 1 programme. First, the annual Clean Sky award for Best Projects from Partners was presented. From 22 nominated projects, the Z-Damper project was awarded first prize, followed by the X-WALD project in second and the GET READY project in third.

An award was then presented to members of the Clean Sky States Representative Group and Scientific Committee. Jim Lawler, Gerben Klein Lebbink and David Ewins were thanked for their efforts towards making Clean Sky a success.

Finally, the awards were given for the Best Clean Sky PhD, to acknowledge the importance of young scientists for the greener aviation of the future. First prize was awarded to Dr. Fei Gao (University of Nottingham) for his thesis ‘Decentralised Control and Stability Analysis of a Multi-Generator Based Electrical Power System for More Electric Aircraft’. Second and third places went respectively to Dr. Vincenzo Citro (University of Salerno) and Dr. Angeliki Chanteli (University of Patras).

Bruno Stoufflet closed the event with a short speech highlighting the success of the Clean Sky 1 programme and the hope that the partnerships developed will continue to achieve great things in Clean Sky 2.


Clean Sky would like to thank everyone who attended this event!


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