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Clean Aviation seeks scientific advice
Clean Aviation seeks scientific advice
Bravo, MAESTRO! - nextgen SAT engine gears up to perform
Bravo, MAESTRO! - nextgen SAT engine gears up to perform
EU Council establishes European Partnership for Clean Aviation
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RACER Doors ready for final assembly

25 November 2021

The Fast Rotorcraft Doors Demonstrator has finalised innovative doors for the

Racer’s RotorLess Tail complete

18 November 2021

RACER’s RotorLess Tail, one of the most crucial features of the RACER rotorcraft demonstrator, has now been finalised. 

Improving the flow: investigating the centrifugal compressor stages with ROSSINI

10 November 2021

Centrifugal compressor stages are used in a variety of applications across an aircraft – like in the environmental control system (ECS).

High Temperature Coils for higher energy efficiency in aircraft

21 October 2021

The HTcoils project set out to develop a new set of materials to demonstrate high temperature coils for future electromechanical actuator systems.

STIMULANT: Machining new innovations for aircraft manufacturers

19 October 2021

Machining processes are usually one of the latest stages of the manufacturing process for components in safety critical industries, such as aerospace. 

Transforming aviation to serve a climate neutral society @TU Delft

14 October 2021

Clean Sky’s Head of Strategy, Ron van Manen, delivered an online presentation to his fellow TU Delft alumni on how aviation can be transformed to serve a climate-neutral society.

IDA spearheads better compressor transition ducts for turbofan engines

07 October 2021

One way that air-traffic emissions can be reduced is by improving the thermal efficiency of aircraft engines.

AORBIT’s test rig for UltraFan® gets the green light

30 September 2021

Journal bearings – essentially rotating shafts in a cylindrical housing – are an integral part of modern aircraft engines.

Clean Sky at AED Days: Setting the global standard for sustainable aviation

29 September 2021

Speaking at the AED Days, the flagship event of the Portuguese Aeronautics, Space and Defence Cluster, Clean Sky’s Head of Strategy Ron van Manen emphasised the importance of the Portuguese relationship with Clean Sky and outlined the future of sustainable aviation in Europe.

OPERATOR: A software library for modelling aircraft and missions

23 September 2021

Using model-based system engineering significantly reduces time and costs, and allows for the flexibility and incorporation of eco-friendly features and designs before the manufacturing phase.

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Clean Sky 2 Results Stories

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Technology Evaluator

What is the value of technology developed under Clean Sky?

Large Passenger Aircraft

What is a Large Passenger Aircraft and what are the challenges?

Regional Aircraft

What is a Regional Aircraft and what are the opportunities?

Fast Rotorcraft IADP

Rotorcraft and “fast” rotorcraft - what are the key challenges?


What is the Airframe ITD and what are the challenges?


What is the Engines ITD and what are the challenges?


What are Systems and what are the challenges?

Small Air Transport

What is Small Air Transport and what are the challenges?


What is Eco-Design and what are the challenges?
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Skyline 31 - Research Organisations in Clean Sky

June 2021

Technology Evaluator First Global Assessment 2020 Synopsis Report

May 2021

Technology Evaluator First Global Assessment 2020 Technical Report

May 2021
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ICAS 2021: The future of sustainable aviation looks bright
'Clean Sky: Towards climate-neutral aviation' at ICAS 2021
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