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“Fly high, fly green – climate-neutral aviation by 2050” Axel Krein @ Industry Days

24 February 2021

The impact of aviation on all of our lives is immense. What needs to be done to make aviation greener, without compromising on the economic gains that the sector brings?

EU to set up a new European Partnership for Clean Aviation

23 February 2021

Today, the European Commission announced its proposal for the future European Partnerships, in a number of strategic industrial sectors including aviation and as

A “tail” of better aerodynamics: NEXTTRIP

23 February 2021

The empennage, also known as the “tail” of an aircraft, provides much-needed stability and directional control to the plane.

New thermoplastic compound with increased electrical conductivity produced by ECOFUNEL

19 February 2021

Transitioning metal parts to composite materials within the environmental control system (ECS) has two main benefits: reducing weight and negating the need for harmful chromium surface treatments.

PERF-AI optimises flight trajectories and reduces emissions with artificial intelligence

11 February 2021

The PERF-AI project has developed a fully functional prototype that analyses historical flight data to generate accurate performance models of individual aircraft.

Best of both whirls: the RACER synthesises speed with VTOL capability

26 January 2021

The RACER, which combines the vertical agility of a helicopter with the pace of a fixed-wing aircraft, demonstrates the possibilities of pan-European aeronautical collaboration facilitated through the Clean Sky ecosystem.

Low cost, low weight, baseless power modules for more electric aircraft developed by AMPS

21 January 2021

If aircraft can run on more efficient electrical systems, rather than the standard pneumatic and hydraulic systems in use today, then significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft can be achieved.

Breathe easy: Clean Sky’s ADVENT brings innovation to aircraft cabin ventilation

18 January 2021

Higher seating densities and more personal electronic equipment being used onboard by travellers means cabin ventilation systems have to work overtime to maintain air quality standards and meet passenger comfort requirements.

Paving the way towards climate-neutral aviation

15 January 2021

There’s no one silver bullet for clean aviation. We need a combination of different actors, technologies and measures.

Morphing Winglet: Clean Sky innovation waiting in the wings

11 January 2021

Clean Sky's Morphing Winglet project not only promises operational performance improvements and emissions reductions...

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Roadmap to climate-neutral aviation

Joint Undertakings for cutting-edge research in Europe

November 2020

Skyline 30: Join our SMEs’ network has landed!

November 2020

Hydrogen-powered aviation

June 2020
22 April, 14:00-17:00 CET

Clean Aviation for a Competitive Green Recovery in Europe: Innovative Ideas Take Flight

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The cabin experience of the future with Clean Sky's RATIOS project
hydrogen-powered aviation
Hydrogen-powered aviation: preparing for take-off!
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Less is more: Clean Sky's EWIRA project cuts assembly costs by 25%