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Clean Sky is the largest European research programme developing innovative, cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing CO2, gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, Clean Sky contributes to strengthening European aero-industry collaboration, global leadership and competitiveness.




CARING project scoops Horizon Impact Award 2020 with eco-software SkyBreathe®

23 September 2020

What if there was a technology that helped airlines to calculate the best fuel-saving practices? Could fuel consumption be reduced by just a few tweaks?

Registration for PhD Awards ceremony is now open!

22 September 2020

Join us at an online prize-giving ceremony on October 6 at 14:00, with European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel as keynote speaker.

Changing Gear: Clean Sky electrifies aircraft landing gear systems for more sustainable and quicker turnarounds

22 September 2020

Clean Sky 2’s Advanced Landing Gears project focuses on the electrification of landing gears.

Lift-off for ALVAR – controlling air flow using suction systems

14 September 2020

Reducing turbulent air flow over wing and tail surfaces of aircraft is vital to achieve safe, efficient flight that minimises fuel consumption.


Results of the Clean Aviation Public Consultation

Read the draft Strategic and Research Innovation Agenda.

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Hydrogen-powered aviation: preparing for take-off!

Read the full study on hydrogen’s potential for use in aviation.

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Skyline 29 has landed!

European universities: the next generation of innovators.

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