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Climate-neutral aircraft will be built by today’s students

Breathe easy: Clean Sky’s ADVENT brings innovation to aircraft cabin ventilation

18 January 2021

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Low cost, low weight, baseless power modules for more electric aircraft developed by AMPS

21 January 2021

If aircraft can run on more efficient electrical systems, rather than the standard pneumatic and hydraulic systems in use today, then significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft can be achieved.

Breathe easy: Clean Sky’s ADVENT brings innovation to aircraft cabin ventilation

18 January 2021

Higher seating densities and more personal electronic equipment being used onboard by travellers means cabin ventilation systems have to work overtime to maintain air quality standards and meet passenger comfort requirements.

Paving the way towards climate-neutral aviation

15 January 2021

There’s no one silver bullet for clean aviation. We need a combination of different actors, technologies and measures.

Morphing Winglet: Clean Sky innovation waiting in the wings

11 January 2021

Clean Sky's Morphing Winglet project not only promises operational performance improvements and emissions reductions...

Clean Sky's Active Flow Control projects aid UHBR engine integration

07 January 2021

Larger-fanned engines bring considerable energy efficiencies to aviation, but their installation poses challenges too.

Adventures in alloy: Exploring the limits of advanced titanium alloy composites with TiAl Cracks

04 January 2021

Material performance improvements are a key enabler for making aircraft lighter, more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly.

BinCola – It's the real thing

21 December 2020

Wind tunnel tests are an essential phase in the process of aircraft design.

The only way is up: NextGenCTR takes shape

14 December 2020

Congested roads and airports reaching capacity are just two of the main obstacles in Europe's path towards better door-to-door mobility.

ASCENT AM reaches new heights with simulation tool for improved AM production processes

10 December 2020

Currently, additive manufacturing (AM) processes require time- and resource-intensive experiments to determine the process reliability and component quality. 

WIMPER soars through bird strike tests

07 December 2020

The WIMPER project aims to develop lightweight, erosion-resistant windows and windshields to withstand bird strike, even at high speeds, for the RACER helicopter.

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Optimal Cabin and Passenger Environment

Novel Aircraft Configurations and Capabilities

Aircraft Non-Propulsive Energy and Control Systems

Innovative Structural/Functional Design and Production System

Innovative Structural/Functional Design and Production System

Breakthroughs in Propulsion Efficiency

Next Generation Cockpit Systems and Aircraft Operations

Advances in Wings, Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics


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Roadmap to climate-neutral aviation

Joint Undertakings for cutting-edge research in Europe

November 2020

Skyline 30: Join our SMEs’ network has landed!

November 2020

Hydrogen-powered aviation

June 2020
22 April 2021

Save the Date: Clean Sky’s Spring Event

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The cabin experience of the future with Clean Sky's RATIOS project
hydrogen-powered aviation
Hydrogen-powered aviation: preparing for take-off!
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Less is more: Clean Sky's EWIRA project cuts assembly costs by 25%