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Clean Sky Team

KREIN Axel Executive Director
CUEILLE Stéphane Governing Board Chairman
PROTTI Marco Governing Board Deputy Chairman
VAN MANEN Ron Head of Strategy
GIANNONI Maria-Silvia Head of Administration and Finance
DUBOIS Sébastien Head of Unit Programmes
BAKALLI Fatime Financial Assistant
BOGUMIL Katarzyna Legal Officer
BORGAT Romain Team Leader: Project Controller
BROUCKAERT Jean-François Team Leader Chief Scientific Officer
COSGRAVE Joseph ICT & Calls for Proposals Manager
DE LA CIERVA Sonia Project Officer
DE LOOF Franky Financial Assistant
DI FRANCESCO Maria GAP Coordinator
DITTMANN Bettina Head of Audit
DONEY Mary Communications Assistant
Pierre Durel
DUREL Pierre Project Officer
FAU Maria Fernanda Head of Communications
GARCIA-CASTILLO Yolanda Ex-Post Audit Officer
GARIGIOLI Livia Administrative Assistant
GHIOC-RAILEANU Marius Financial Assistant
GURAU Alexandra Project Officer
Francesco Paolo Mancini
MANCINI Francesco Paolo Project Officer
MARGARITI Christina-Maria Project Officer
MARINO Antonello Project Officer
MASTANTUONO Bruno Head of Legal
MIGLAN Costin-Ciprian Project Officer
NGUYEN Hanh Programme Coordination Officer
PEDONE Elena Project Officer
PEREZ-DE-DIEGO Jaime Project Officer
PIERSANTINI Mariella HR Officer
PODSADOWSKI Andrzej Project Officer
SALA Monica Programme Coordination Assistant
SELMIN Vittorio Team Leader Chief Engineer
SHROFF Sonell Project Officer
TANG Stanley Programme Officer
TCHEN Jimmy Project Officer
TOTH Andrea Accounting Officer
TRILLO-RIVAS Rosario Project Officer
TRINCHIERI Paolo Project Officer
TROFIN Laura Administrative Officer
VASILAKOS Christos Seconded National Expert
VIOLATO Daniele Programme Officer
ZEPPELIN Conrad Budget Officer

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