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Become an evaluator


For each Call, topics are evaluated by a wide range of independent experts. The evaluation process - which usually takes place in Brussels (but occasionally is held remotely) - values transparency, confidentiality and a high degree of professionalism.

Clean Sky JU seeks independent experts on an ongoing basis to participate in the evaluation of its Calls for Proposals, and candidates with relevant and proven expertise in any of the technical fields of interest for Clean Sky are invited to apply.

Calls for Proposals are launched regularly, so bookmark this link for updates.


Eligibility criteria – who can apply?

Applicants representing small and medium enterprises, universities or research institutes are particularly encouraged to apply, and, to reflect the global demographic of air travellers, Clean Sky welcomes applications for Evaluators from both within and beyond the boundaries of EU citizenship.



To apply for a role as a potential Evaluator, register via the European Commission database.

There is no deadline for registration.