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Campania Region (Italy)

MoU in place
RIS3 with priority in aeronautics:
Aerospace - Aeronautics & Space

The Campania Region published on 21 May 2018 a public notice on the support of regional stakeholders within the areas of the ‘regional smart specialisations strategy’ (RIS3) priorities, which includes ‘Aerospace’ amongst other priorities.

Under the notice, projects of technology transfer and for industrial take-up of innovative companies may be supported. Within this category of projects, a specific budget of €10 million was allocated to support, with priority, proposals that will fall within the technology priorities identified by the Region in the field of aerospace and which have been identified as being coherent and contributing to the objectives of Clean Sky 2.

This instrument will stimulate synergies and complementarities between the Clean Sky 2 programme and the ERDF Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 with direct support to the stakeholders, and thus will contribute to implementing the goals of the Memorandum of Understanding on synergies in place between the Campania Region and Clean Sky 2 JU.

The public notice and the accompanying documents including the list of the technology priorities in Aerospace are available at the following link:

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