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Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

MoU in place
RIS3 with priority in aeronautics:

In December 2017, the Castilla-La Mancha Region re-published a regional call which is a general competitive call where companies, including those from the aeronautical sector (which is a RIS3 priority of the Castilla-La Mancha Region), can submit proposals in this field which are synergetic to CS2JU. In addition, this call also provided some favourable conditions to the proposals which had a positive evaluation by the CS2JU, such as proposals in the reserve lists of the CS2JU calls (which may still be considered valid for both the stakeholder and CS2JU as complementary activities) or complementary activities submitted to the CS2JU. 

MULTIDRILL project “labelled” as complementary to Clean Sky 2

The project MULTIDRILL led by AERONOVA (Clean Sky member) targets a new multi-material drilling condition (feed and r.p.m), drilling tools materials and cutting geometries more adequate to use in conjunction with new drilling machines. It was presented to Castilla La Mancha ESIF in a regional call set with extra points to Clean Sky evaluated projects.

The project have been awarded a “Synergy Label”, following an independent evaluation of this ESIF WPs proposal.

Objectives: to reduce the time needed to drill the multi-material aerospace structures (composite, metallic aluminium, titanium and hybridations); to improve the final quality of the holes; and to reduce handwork in this operation

Linked to Airframe (Leaders: Airbus Helicopters and Airbus D&S) and Large Passengers Aircraft ITD (Leader: Airbus for Aernnova leaded consortiums as Core Partner).

Total Budget € 335.000 and ESIF contribution € 105.000

Cleansky Synergies Scenario 2: ESIF Parallel funding,

Participants: Internacional de Composites S.A. (ICSA) and Aernnova Composites Illescas S.A.

This winglet will be manufactured in composite, being defined the different interfaces and the joint concepts with a combination of materials CFRP, AL, Ti, etc.

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