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Who are we?

Clean Sky is the most ambitious aeronautical research programme ever launched in Europe. A Public Private Partnership between the European Commission and the European aeronautics industry, Clean Sky coordinates research and innovation between industrial leaders, universities, research centres and SMEs.

The original Clean Sky 1 programme was launched in 2008 and runs until 2017.

Clean Sky 2 began in 2014 and continues until 2024, building on the original programme's achievements.


Our mission

Clean Sky’s core mission is to develop breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performance of aircraft. Specific environmental aims are fourfold:

  • to reduce fuel burn
  • to lower CO2 emissions
  • to mitigate external noise levels by up to 50%
  • to reduce NOx emissions by up to 80% by 2020, compared to 2000 levels

Complementing environmental targets, Clean Sky also aims to contribute to European competitiveness and mobility, with the creation of sustainable growth and skilled employment in the air transport sector.



Clean Sky 1 comprises 7 project areas: 6 ITDs (Integrated Technology Demonstrators), each co-led by 2 industrial organisations and covering different segments of air transport; and the Technology Evaluator.

Clean Sky 2 comprises 9 project areas: 3 IADPs (Innovative Aircraft Demonstrator Platforms), 3 ITDs, 2 Transverse Activities, and the Technology Evaluator.



Clean Sky 1 had a budget of €1.6 billion:

  • 50% from the European Commission (cash)
  • 50% from the aeronautics industry (in-kind contributions), comprising:
    • 50% from ITD Leaders
    • up to 25% from Associates
    • at least 25% from Partners

Clean Sky 2's budget is €4 billion:

  • €1.8 billion from the European Commission (from the Horizon 2020 programme budget)
  • €2.2 billion from industrial partners:
    • €1 billion from additional activities not included in the JTI work plan but which support the achievements of its objectives

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