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Skyline 31 has landed - discover the research organisations involved in Clean Sky

15 June 2021

The latest issue of Skyline has landed!

An intelligent gearbox helps RACER safely take flight

10 June 2021

Monitoring the health of the main and lateral rotor gear boxes is a key priority for fast compound helicopters.

Developing eco-friendly aircraft cargo doors

07 June 2021

Redesigning cargo doors will help to make the aircraft of the future lightweight and more environmentally-friendly, contributing to the Clean Sky’s own objectives as well

Clean Sky 2 is well on track, says Technology Evaluator First Global Assessment

21 May 2021

Clean Sky 2 is well on the way to achieving its objectives, the first global assessment of Clean Sky’s technologies via the Technology Evaluator has revealed. 

First Intermediate Compressor Case for UltraFan™ delivered

19 May 2021

The goal of the Clean Sky 2 Rolls-Royce UltraFan™ engine demonstrator is to improve fuel efficiency by 25% compared to current engines.  

POWER ON for the Regional Flight Test Bed 2 Demonstrator!

10 May 2021

The Regional Flight Test Bed 2 demonstrator aircraft has switched the “power on” and tested how well all the structural parts manufactured and the hydraulic and electrical systems have been installed within the airframe.

Innovation for better cabin air with the Electrical Environmental Control System

29 April 2021

Liebherr-Aerospace’s Electrical Environmental Control System (eECS) aims to provide reliable air supply, thermal control and cabin pressurisation for the crew and passengers on board an aircraft.

Clean Aviation for a Competitive Green Recovery in Europe

23 April 2021

Bold investment is needed to steer aviation firmly on a course towards climate neutrality by 2050.

Highlights 2020

16 April 2021

Clean Sky’s Highlights 2020 report outlines our key achievements during this extraordinary year, from our technology developments to participation figures to the Technology Evaluator.

Putting the pieces together: assembly of RACER begins!

14 April 2021

A milestone has been reached for Clean Sky 2’s RACER demonstrator, which has started its assembly following the arrival of the central fuselage from Romania.