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First Intermediate Compressor Case for UltraFan™ delivered

19 May 2021

The goal of the Clean Sky 2 Rolls-Royce UltraFan™ engine demonstrator is to improve fuel efficiency by 25% compared to current engines.  

The Intermediate Compressor Case is a vital part of that demonstrator – it’s a structure that lies between compressor cases, which carried the rotor gas loads to the engine casing and thrust mounts. 

GKN Aerospace in Sweden has successfully delivered the first ICC for the UltraFan engine demonstrator, marking a major milestone for the UltraFan™. 

A wide range of technologies can now be demonstrated and validated, including a low-cost and robust sectorised fabrication concept with castings. This makes use of an innovative welding method based on computer simulations; optimised bleed system aerodynamics and acoustics; shorter aggressive duct design and 3D printing of attaching parts; and model-based design methods. All of these new technologies will pave the way to a new and more energy-efficient UltraFan™ engine. 

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