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Novel heating processes for better repairs explored in NEWCORT project

04 June 2020

Clean Sky 2’s NEWCORT project successfully developed new heating processes and equipment focused on the curing of new types of resins over geometrically complex structural elements (e.g. “Omega” stringers), which will help improve repairs. 

The project’s most interesting result is AdaptHEAT: a series of equipment and associated methodology to enable curing of complex structures, according to most stringent temperature homogeneity requirements. 

Using NEWCORT innovative solutions, airlines and Maintenance Repair Overhaul centres (MROs) will be able to increase the range of composite repair applications, while reducing the overall repair time requirements, especially in terms of thermal surveys and preparations.

NEWCORT managed to reach and demonstrate its objectives mainly thanks to the seamless cooperation between the project’s partners and the Topic Manager (Airbus), which enabled continuous fine-tuning of research work and alignment with industrial requirements. 

The NEWCORT project, which ran from January 2016 until the end of 2019, was coordinated by GMI Aero (France) and the Consortium included the National Technical University of Athens (Greece), University of Patras (Greece), SWEREA SICOMP (Sweden) and ADVISE (Greece). The Topic Manager was Airbus.