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Regional cooperation key for achieving Clean Sky objectives

23 January 2020

Representatives of several European regions came together on 23 January at a workshop organised by the Brandenburg region, and supported by Clean Sky, to share their experiences of working in the Clean Sky programme and of the implementation of synergies. The workshop also aimed to foster interregional collaboration between these European regions to achieve the best possible results in regional activities related to the Clean Sky programme and objectives, and to discuss the future perspectives within Horizon Europe.

Some key messages were highlighted throughout the day by various speakers from regions, including a strong commitment to working in a future clean aviation partnership in a more structured and strategic approach. A suggestion was given for the future to develop a platform or network specifically for those regions with a Memorandum of Understanding in place with Clean Sky, to exchange best practises and ideas, as well as facilitate synergies and the use of ESIF, and foster an even closer interaction between them and Clean Sky. A follow-up meeting for regions is planned to take place later this year.

Clean Sky is active in 110 European regions across the continent, and has signed 18 MoUs at a national and regional level. Learn more on our website