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World’s largest fan blades in production for next-generation UltraFan demonstrator

12 February 2020

Rolls-Royce has started manufacture of the world’s largest fan blades for the UltraFan demonstrator engine, part of the Clean Sky 2 programme.

UltraFan will set new standards in efficiency and sustainability, offering a 25% fuel reduction compared to the first generation of Trent engine, and deliver the same percentage reduction in emissions. Part of that efficiency improvement comes from UltraFan’s composite fan blades and fan case, which can reduce weight on a twin-engine aircraft by 700kg.

UltraFan, which will start ground tests in 2021 and be available towards the end of this decade, also features a new engine core architecture to deliver maximum fuel burn efficiency and low emissions; advanced ceramic matrix composites – heat resistant components that operate more effectively in high turbine temperatures; and a geared design to maximise high-thrust, high-bypass ratio engine efficiency.

Learn more about the UltraFan on Rolls-Royce’s website.