Clean Sky at AEROdays 2019

26 May 2019

Clean Sky is ready for AEROdays 2019!

Next level stuff: Affordable Flight Control System

20 May 2019

Regional aircraft, because of their short-range missions, spend much o

Power Trip: HASTECS energizes the path to hybrid-powered flight

13 May 2019

As aviation evolves towards a more hybrid and more electrically-powere

10th Call for Proposals now published

07 May 2019

The 10th Call for Proposals (CfP10) was launched on 7 May 2019 via the

Thinking out of the box, with Clean Sky’s AMATHO

06 May 2019

The gearbox housing of Leonardo’s Next Generation Civil Tilt-Rotor is

Bigger engines, bigger challenges. Clean Sky’s ASPIRE resolves them

29 April 2019

For large passenger aircraft flying medium and long-haul routes, Ultra

Last chance to register for the 8th European Aeronautics Days Bucharest-2019!

29 April 2019

Less than a month to go till AEROdays 2019 in Bucharest, this is the l

Elections to the European Parliament: Go-to-Vote!

26 April 2019

The European Parliament is running a campaign to help increase voter e

Digitalisation of aircraft maintenance with Clean Sky 2’s AIRMES project

23 April 2019

The AIRMES project, part of Clean Sky 2’s Large Passenger Aircraft pla

Clean Sky 2’s technical achievements in the spotlight

10 April 2019

The Clean Sky 2 event ‘European aeronautics research at its best: what

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