Clean Sky’s T-WING: In conversation with CIRA

25 February 2019

The design, manufacture and qualification of an innovative wing for th

Clean Sky’s BALANCE: A smooth operator

18 February 2019

A smoother engine nacelle means less drag, less fuel burn, and less em

Humans and robots team up for Clean Sky’s CRO-INSPECT

11 February 2019

Increased use of composite materials in aircraft construction reduces

Clean Sky’s PIPS harnesses space tech for plane de-icing

04 February 2019

As much as three percent of an aircraft’s fuel-burn is spent on deicin

Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking appoints Axel Krein as Executive Director

31 January 2019

As of 1 February 2019, Axel Krein will take on the role of Executive D

Go with the flow: Clean Sky’s Hybrid Laminar Flow Control Demo

28 January 2019

Controlling the flow of air around an aircraft by making that flow lam

European Aviation Environmental Report highlights need for innovative technologies

25 January 2019

EASA’s 2019 European Aviation Environmental Report highlights that alt

The UHBR engine flight testing programme gathers momentum

21 January 2019

The Ultra High Bypass Ratio (UHBR) engine demonstrator, UltraFan® for

Apply now to Clean Sky Academy Award for the Best PhD Thesis in Applied Sciences and Engineering for Aeronautics

15 January 2019

The Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking is pleased to announce the fourth ed

Get under the skin of Clean Sky with HYPERDRILL

14 January 2019

Airliners of the future could benefit from fuel savings of up to 10% b

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