ERACLE project starts wind tunnel model manufacture for quieter aircraft configurations

29 October 2019

Clean Sky 2’s ERACLE project, part of the Airframe technology platform, reached an important milestone on 10 October with the passing of the Critical Design Review (CDR)

Material gain: Clean Sky's "ecoTECH" innovative ECO-friendly airframe

28 October 2019

Aviation's environmental impact is not limited to the operational aspects of transporting people and goods around the world.

Powering Partnerships Towards Innovation Architecture: Skyline 28 has landed!

24 October 2019

Skyline 28 has landed!

TechTP Turboprop first run celebration and demonstration: first Clean Sky 2 demonstrator successfully tested

21 October 2019

The recent first run of the TechTP Turboprop engine demonstrator, an important milestone for Clean Sky 2, was celebrated at an event on 17 October at Safran Helicopters’ facilities in Tarnos (Franc

Austrian participation in Clean Sky 2 highlighted at Aviation Forum

17 October 2019

Clean Sky’s Executive Director Axel Krein participated in the Aviation Forum Austria 2019 on 17 October in Vienna.

Clean Sky Spring event – Brussels – 21-22 April 2020

14 October 2019

Save the date for Clean Sky’s Spring event, which will take place on 21-22 April 2020 in Brussels!

Clean Sky's HiLiCo: Bright ideas take flight

14 October 2019

Dimmable windows are a popular cabin design feature for passengers flying high above the clouds when the cabin becomes too bright, but for obvious safety reasons this is

Clean Sky’s strategy for synergies in the spotlight of Shift2Rail event for the Regions

14 October 2019

Clean Sky participated in the ‘Regional Cooperation Workshop’ on 9 October that was organised by Shift2Rail as a side event of the European Week of the Regions and Cities

Progress of Small Air Transport in the spotlight at annual review

09 October 2019

The Annual Review of Clean Sky 2’s technology platform for Small Air Transport (SAT) was held on 2-3 October in Sieć Badawcza Łuksiewicz - Instytut Lotnictwa (Warsaw Inst

Clean Sky awards the 11th ‘Clean Sky Synergy Label’

03 October 2019

Clean Sky has awarded the 11th ‘Clean Sky Synergy Label’ to the Romanian proposal ‘INFRASEAL’, which is complementary to Clean Sky scope and objectives.

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