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PIANO explores how noise-cancelling tech can help silence tilt-rotors

28 September 2020

One of Clean Sky’s goals is to reduce noise from aircraft by 20-30%, and the PIANO project has taken up the challenge.

CARING project scoops Horizon Impact Award 2020 with eco-software SkyBreathe®

23 September 2020

What if there was a technology that helped airlines to calculate the best fuel-saving practices? Could fuel consumption be reduced by just a few tweaks?

Changing Gear: Clean Sky electrifies aircraft landing gear systems for more sustainable and quicker turnarounds

22 September 2020

Clean Sky 2’s Advanced Landing Gears project focuses on the electrification of landing gears.

Lift-off for ALVAR – controlling air flow using suction systems

14 September 2020

Reducing turbulent air flow over wing and tail surfaces of aircraft is vital to achieve safe, efficient flight that minimises fuel consumption.

Electrifying propellers with PROPCONEL

09 September 2020

The propeller is a vital part of aircraft. It was probably the ancient Chinese who first came up with the concept – evidence suggests that Chinese children played with “helicopter toys” made from bamboo as far back as 400BC.

Clean Sky in the spotlight at 10th EASN Conference

04 September 2020

Clean Sky’s Executive Director Axel Krein gave an insight into the future of the programme at the 10th EASN International Conference, which took place

Registration for PhD Awards ceremony is now open!

02 September 2020

Join us at an online prize-giving ceremony on October 6 at 14:15, with European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel as keynote speaker.

New call for ideas for clean aviation partnerships

27 August 2020

The European Commission opened a Call for Expressions of Ideas/Potential Members (CEI) on 26 August, open to interested technology stakeholders with transformative ideas or concepts in the field of

All-SME consortium tackles specialised flight test instrumentation for RACER

17 August 2020

On 22 June 2020, the SMART-FTI project kicked off during an online video conference in line with COVID-19 requirements. 

RATIOS finalises innovative, weight-saving cabin configuration

10 August 2020

Clean Sky 2’s RATIOS project is designing the cabin interior of the future for regional aircraft, and the final configuration was recently completed.