Open Rotor wins 2019 Aviation Week Award for Commercial Aviation: Propulsion

15 March 2019

The Open Rotor demonstrator, part of Clean Sky’s research efforts into

NO-ICE ROTOR - a greener way to protect aircraft from icing

11 March 2019

Our NO-ICE ROTOR project is pooling European research to come up with

Born again: Obsolete composites find a second life with RESET

04 March 2019

Yesterday’s composite aircraft parts that are beyond serviceable standard have the chance to be r

UltraFan one step closer as Advanced Low Pressure System testing gets underway

27 February 2019

A milestone has been reached for Rolls-Royce’s Advanced Low Pressure S

Clean Sky’s T-WING: In conversation with CIRA

25 February 2019

The design, manufacture and qualification of an innovative wing for th

Clean Sky’s BALANCE: A smooth operator

18 February 2019

A smoother engine nacelle means less drag, less fuel burn, and less em

Humans and robots team up for Clean Sky’s CRO-INSPECT

11 February 2019

Increased use of composite materials in aircraft construction reduces

Clean Sky’s PIPS harnesses space tech for plane de-icing

04 February 2019

As much as three percent of an aircraft’s fuel-burn is spent on deicin

Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking appoints Axel Krein as Executive Director

31 January 2019

As of 1 February 2019, Axel Krein will take on the role of Executive D

Go with the flow: Clean Sky’s Hybrid Laminar Flow Control Demo

28 January 2019

Controlling the flow of air around an aircraft by making that flow lam

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