Elections to the European Parliament: Go-to-Vote!

26 April 2019

The European Parliament is running a campaign to help increase voter e

Digitalisation of aircraft maintenance with Clean Sky 2’s AIRMES project

23 April 2019

The AIRMES project, part of Clean Sky 2’s Large Passenger Aircraft pla

Clean Sky 2’s technical achievements in the spotlight

10 April 2019

The Clean Sky 2 event ‘European aeronautics research at its best: what

Full support for Clean Sky 2!

09 April 2019

The Clean Sky 2 event ‘European aeronautics research at its best: what

Skyline 27 has arrived

04 April 2019

Skyline 27 has arrived!

Here’s the CA3TCH... Reducing risk with Clean Sky’s Digital Wind Tunnel

01 April 2019

Innovative flight simulations using a ’digital wind tunnel’ developed

A Clean Sky event in Castilla y Leon region

27 March 2019

On 26 March 2019, an Info Day was organised in Valladolid, Castilla Y

Circular Economy: Composite Fuselage for regional aircraft takes shape

25 March 2019

Weight and cost reduction in the manufacturing processes and health mo

Leveraging motor racing expertise for Clean Sky’s FastCan

18 March 2019

For time-sensitive flights – particularly ’Golden Hour’ emergency medi

Open Rotor wins 2019 Aviation Week Award for Commercial Aviation: Propulsion

15 March 2019

The Open Rotor demonstrator, part of Clean Sky’s research efforts into

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