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Twenty new Clean Sky 2 Results Stories are now online

02 April 2020

Some good news – a fresh batch of twenty new Clean Sky 2 Results Stories have been added to our website!

ACCLAIM: The inside story for cabin design, simulation and installation

30 March 2020

ACCLAIM (Automated Cabin and Cargo Lining and Hatrack Installation Method) is contributing to Clean Sky's Next Generation Cabin and Cargo project.

Clean Sky awards the 12th ‘Clean Sky Synergy Label’

26 March 2020

Clean Sky has awarded the 12th ‘Clean Sky Synergy Label’ to the Greek proposal ‘DADTOFLY’, which is complementary to the Clean Sky 2 programme and its objectives.

European aviation in the driving seat: Clean Sky's Disruptive Cockpit for Large Passenger Aircraft

23 March 2020

Just as efforts are underway in the automotive sector to bring greater autonomy and vehicles to market, there's similar inertia towards the same goal in aviation.

Message from the Executive Director

17 March 2020

Clean Sky operations in the coming weeks

Hot topic: Clean Sky's 'Environmentally friendly fire protection' system

16 March 2020

For the past four decades, the cargo holds of airplanes have been protected with fire-suppression and extinguishing systems that use Halon 1301.

A step closer to the practical use of high voltage at 270 VDC in fast helicopters

10 March 2020

The use of high voltage systems will ensure that helicopters have access to stronger sources of electricity, which will increase power efficiency and reduce weight.

Joining the dots with Clean Sky's Eco Design Transverse Activity

09 March 2020

The Eco Design Transverse Activity (TA) aims to promote and coordinate ITD and IADP projects to significantly reduce the ecological impact of future air vehicles, focusing mainly around the non-ope

The next generation Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator — leveraging thermoplastics for cleaner skies

02 March 2020

In order to leverage the full potential of thermoplastic composites in aviation, the Next Generation Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstration (MFFD) project is progressing

Aerospace Europe Conference: Clean Sky’s path to climate-neutral aviation in focus

25 February 2020

Clean Sky’s progress towards climate-neutral aviation in Europe was in the spotlight today at the opening of the Aerospace Europe Conference organised by 3AF in Bordeaux,