Tests underway for power diode dies for more electric aircraft

12 September 2018

Testing is currently underway for the Clean Sky 2 project DiDi-FaCT (D

First lessons learned for Clean Sky 2 project on effects of using VR headsets on-board

06 September 2018

Clean Sky 2’s Immersive Cabin Project (IMCA), studying the effects of

Clean Sky at Farnborough Airshow: Day 5: Futures Day & Public Days

20 July 2018

Today is Futures Day at Farnborough!

Clean Sky at Farnborough Airshow: Day 4

19 July 2018

Clean Sky is having an exciting week at Farnborough so far!

Clean Sky at Farnborough Airshow: Day 3

18 July 2018

On Tuesday 17th, our second day at Farnborough Air Show, TU Delft presented the NOVAIR

Clean Sky at Farnborough Airshow: Day 2

17 July 2018

Yesterday morning Christophe Diette from Safran spoke in our AGORA space in his

Clean Sky at Farnborough Airshow: Day 1

16 July 2018

Clean Sky’s week at Farnborough Airshow just took off!

New slideshow on EU Agencies and Joint Undertakings

12 July 2018

Following the addition of five new Agencies and Joint Undertakings, the slideshow of the photo ex

Clean Sky is looking for Project Officers

25 June 2018

We are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic colleagues who will manage technical projects related

Campania Region support to aerospace R&I

11 June 2018

The Campania Region published on 21 May 2018 a public notice on the support of regional stakehold

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