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European R+I Days: Clean Sky creating and leveraging synergies across Europe

24 September 2019

Clean Sky’s Executive Director Axel Krein discussed Clean Sky’s work on smart specialisations with European regions as part of a panel session during the European R+I Days 2019, the European Commis

Clean Sky 2’s TAMI project makes on-ground leak testing more efficient, ecological and faster

23 September 2019

Clean Sky 2’s TAMI project (Tests for leakage identification on Aircraft fluid Mechanical Installations) has recently completed the successful leak testing of aircraft sy

Aircraft Noise: getting to the core of the issue with CORNET

17 September 2019

NOx, CO2 … and noise. Is it possible to tackle all three simultaneously?

Have your say: 2nd phase of public consultation on ‘European Partnership for Clean Aviation’ is now open

12 September 2019

The European Commission has launched the 2nd phase of the public consultation on the ‘European Partnership for Clean Aviation’ in support of the Impact Assessment on the proposal related to this pr

Clean Sky technologies for greener aviation in the spotlight at EASN International Conference

06 September 2019

Clean Sky was the focus of several presentations during the 9th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation and Space, which took place this week in Athens and brought together more tha

Enhanced lifetime, reliability and performance of electro-mechanical wing actuation systems demonstrated by ISSELUBB project

05 September 2019

Clean Sky 2’s ISSELUB project, part of the Systems technology platform, has completed a series of investigations into enhancing the lifetime, reliability and performance of electro-mechanical wing

DEVILS advocate: an alternative take on VHBR engine cooling

02 September 2019

Very High Bypass Ratio engines with high-power gearboxes place enormous demands on oil lubrication systems to cope with the cooling requirements associated with the loading and temperatures of thes

Aircraft Light Communication (ALC) – pilot communications at the speed of light

12 August 2019

Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity — a high speed, bidirectional and fully networked wireless communications system using light) could become a successor to Wi-Fi, transmitting data f

CfP10: Release nr. 3 of the Q&As is available

02 August 2019

Due to a general technical issue identified on the

Public Consultation on the European Partnership for Clean Aviation: Have your say

31 July 2019

The European Commission has launched a first public consultation on the “European Partnership for Clean Aviation” in support of the upcoming Impact Assessment on the prop

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