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Message from the Executive Director

17 March 2020

Clean Sky operations in the coming weeks

Clean Sky Book

September 2016

Eco-Design is the essence of the Clean Sky “DNA” and design philosophy, underpinning every project and initiative we undertake across all programme areas, ITDs and IADPs.

Inflight experience in passenger aircraft is at the heart of airline brand equity.

Energy isn't just used to propel your aircraft on its flightpath – it's also used to power a variety of onboard functions, such as pilot communications, actuation of flight surfaces, heating and air circulation as well as inflight services for passengers – all delivered

Just when the limits of efficiency have been achieved in conventional aeronautics, Clean Sky creates a new rule book, bringing radical new approaches, new shapes, and completely new aircraft geometries for every category of aircraft.

Pilots of the future will need innovative and intuitive cockpit environments with new types of user-interfaces to manage the flight missions of tomorrow's journeys. Discover how we integrate new flight-deck avionics, systems and airframes.

How aircraft are designed and manufactured is just as important - from an environmental point of view - as the final aircraft or aviation product and how it functions in service. We explore the processes that bring new planes into being.

It's all about lift – carrying more payload, but using less of the world's finite energy resources to take off, fly and land with unprecedented efficiency.

Clean Sky 2 will transport the next generation of passengers using novel engine technologies to convert stored energy into fuel-efficient and quiet thrust for the journeys of tomorrow - in small, regional and large passenger airliners.

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