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Advance3 Demonstrator

Advance3 Demonstrator – Rolls-Royce plc



  • The demonstrator will test a new engine core that will deliver maximum fuel burn efficiency and low emissions

Main features:

  • The Advance3 core features a new Core Design with a two stage high pressure turbine and a single-stage intermediate pressure turbine; incorporating a range of cutting-edge technologies - 3D printing/ALM and lean burn combustion

Expected benefits:

  • The new core forms a key part of the Rolls-Royce Advance and UltraFan® engine designs, both of which are central to our future engine strategy and technology programme

Main outcome:

  • The Advance3 demonstrator engine successfully ran for the first time on a Derby, UK testbed – performing as expected during the initial test
  • The engine will continue testing in Derby, with future tests gathering data on the performance of the engine across more than 2,800 parameters