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Organisational overview innovative technologies

Innovative technologies Clean Sky 2

Technology Evaluator

What is the value of technology developed under Clean Sky?

Large Passenger Aircraft

What is a Large Passenger Aircraft and what are the challenges?

Regional Aircraft

What is a Regional Aircraft and what are the challenges?

Fast Rotorcraft IADP

Rotorcraft, “fast” rotorcraft, and what are the key challenges?


What is the Airframe ITD and what are the challenges?


What is the Engines ITD and what are the challenges?


What are Systems and what are the challenges?

Small Air Transport

What is a Small Air Transport and what are the challenges?


What is Eco-Design and what are the challenges ?

Innovative technologies Clean Sky 1

Technology Evaluator (TE)

A unique attribute of Clean Sky is the fact that it uses two complementary techniques...

Green Regional Aircraft (GRA)

Regional Aviation is a key factor for creating resources and an efficient...

Eco-Design (ECO)

The FP7 Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, which contributes to the reduction ...

Sustainable and Green Engines (SAGE)

The objective of the Sustainable and Green Engines (SAGE) ITD of Clean Sky is to demonstrate...

Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft (SFWA)

Co-led by Airbus and Saab, the SFWA ITD addresses the integration of passive flow, active flow...

Systems for Green Operations (SGO)

Systems and their associated technologies account for a small proportion of an aircraft's...

Green Rotorcraft (GRC)

The use of helicopters has been concentrated until now on activities such as medical evacuation...