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Occitanie (France)

Date in force of MoU
MoU in place
RIS3 with priority in aeronautics:
Aeronautics & Space
RIS3 with priorities in aeronautics correlated area:
Systems and materials

The Occitanie Region renewed the MoU cooperation with Clean Sky 2 JU in December 2017 building on the MoU pilot phase initiated in 2015 with the previous Region of Midi Pyrenees. Occitanie re-launched in 2017 the R&I call ‘Readynov 2018’* (successor of Easynov 2016 and Readynov 2017) which included a part dedicated to aeronautics and related industries. The call covered a number of topics related to aeronautics technologies in line with Occitanie RIS3 priorities and aimed also to support proposals linked to Clean Sky 2 topics by referring to the CS2JU Work Plan in terms of scope. Additionally, the Occitanie Region also launched in December 2017 the ‘Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA3) Action: Occitanie Projets d’Innovation PIA3’ which also focussed on the RIS3 priorities. In the context of the MoU cooperation, complementary projects linked to Clean Sky 2 topics may be identified and considered for funding.

Pilot project

FLIP2: A follow-up of FLIP project in CS-SGO ITD

Project objective: Refinement and extension of features of the FLIP tool, developed in CS on in-flight weather forecast which could be continued for further improvement to reach a higher TRL (inclusion of meteo data, data transmission to FMS, definition of risk area, etc.) 

THALES was the CSJU Leader in FLIP project

  • Approved in the frame of Easynov call
  • Total Budget 278.000 € and ESIF contribution 163.000 €
  • Clean Sky synergies Scenario 4: Thematic approach
  • Participants: ORME ATMOSPHERE
  • End-user: Thales Avionics

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