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Östergötland Region (Sweden)

MoU in place
RIS3 with priority in aeronautics:
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Advanced materials
Pilot project

Innovative Materials Arena (IMA), approved by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Sankt Kors Real Estate and the Region Östergötland (MoU with Clean Sky 2) was granted regional funding with the aim to establish an innovation hub ”Innovative Materials Arena” for advanced materials. The arena will be located in the new technology park, Linköping Aviation Park, developed in the close vicinity of Linköping City Airport. IMA receives ESIF funding through the European Regional Development Fund, approved by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Project objective: IMA will enhance competitiveness in the material related business sector by establishing a sustainable innovation centre and an infrastructure that supports long term development and valueadding at national as well as international level. The project also aims to close the gap between academia/research and industry including SMEs. The arena will be used by, among others, Saab (Clean Sky member) to support development of innovative airframe components for ITD in Clean Sky 2.

Total Budget: € 800.000; 50% through ESIF and 50% in cash by Sankt Kors Real Estate and the Region Östergötland.

Starting date and duration: 01/01/2018-31/12/2020

Clean Sky synergies Scenario 1&2: Capacity building/Infrastructure investments.

Participants: Sankt Kors Real Estate, the Region Östergötland, Creo Dynamics AB and Linköping University.

Östergötland pilot project (I)