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Partner selection process

Partners are selected through open Calls for Proposals (CfPs). The topics for each call are proposed by the Steering Committee of each Technology Platform and reviewed by the Joint Undertaking. Subsequently, the call is published and applications are received and evaluated against the following award criteria:

  • excellence,
  • impact and
  • quality and efficiency of implementation

and according to the specific award criteria, of each of the 3 above criteria, as laid down in the Work Plan.

The partners then complete their projects within an agreed timeframe and budget.

Find details of open calls here.


SME-friendly approach

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are very welcome to participate in Clean Sky. There are three options open to SMEs:

  • Core Partner after successful response to a Call for Core Partners – these long-term partners will be Members of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking.
  • Partner after successful response to a Call for Partners – participation in individual projects within Clean Sky 2 on a short-term contractual basis.
  • Provision of service or supply of products, after successful response to a Call for Tender.

Find details of open calls here.


Lists of Participants


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