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Highlights 2019: En route to climate-neutral aviation

2019 was a significant year for Clean Sky. We are delighted to announce the launch of the Clean Sky Highlights 2019 report, available now for download.

Halfway through the programme, it is gratifying to see that our vast ecosystem of researchers and engineers is delivering cutting-edge results for greener aviation in fields such as propulsion, systems, aero structures, aerodynamics, and overall aircraft configuration.

To date, Clean Sky has successfully engaged more than 900 actors across the public and private sector, of which, approx. 340 are SMEs, 110 are research centres, 150 are universities and 300 represent industry. Thanks to the united forces of these participants, we are on track to deliver our ambitious objectives of reducing emissions and noise in aircraft, in alignment with the European Commission’s Green Deal.

The Highlights 2019 report is designed to give you a taste of Clean Sky’s main achievements in 2019, as part of the EU Horizon 2020 programme. You’ll find a sample of some of our innovative technical advances, visualisations of our ever-increasing participation figures, insights into our current synergies and a glimpse of the future for clean aviation.