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Skyline 23: Broadening Clean Sky Horizons

Skyline 23 has arrived! This issue showcases two of Clean Sky’s flagship projects – the BLADE laminar flow wing demonstrator and the Open Rotor engine – which have successfully started their test campaigns. Learn more about the EU Horizon 2020 innovative technologies and European collaborative spirit which have made these projects possible!

This issue also highlights the wider research community around Clean Sky, with views from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), SESAR JU, Shift2Rail JU and FCH JU. Clean Sky’s ongoing efforts with Member States and Regions feature too, with concrete actions now being seen.

Cheryl Atkinson, an independent expert on the review panel for Clean Sky’s evaluations, also shares her insights into the evaluation process and findings in this issue of Skyline.

Finally, we hope you enjoy a look back at Clean Sky’s participation in Le Bourget in June as well as an overview of our next events.

Read Skyline 23 here

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