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Skyline 30: Join our SMEs’ network has landed!

Two months ago, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described SMEs as the “motor of our economy” and the “engine of our recovery”. At Clean Sky, we could not agree more, which is why we’ve decided to dedicate the thirtieth edition of Skyline to our SMEs. 

Just over 37% of all of Clean Sky’s participants are SMEs, and they punch well above their weight in our projects! As MEP Henna Virkkunen mentions in her interview on page 4, “a resilient aviation industry can only be achieved through investments in research and innovation… for this, many SMEs provide innovative, tailor-made solutions.” 

Indeed, they are often pioneers in cutting-edge technologies that prove extremely valuable – making strides in game-changing fields like artificial intelligence, big data, computer modelling and digitalisation and applying these techniques to sustainable aircraft development. Of course, our universities have also proven to be an excellent source of knowledge regarding innovative technologies – look out for the winners of our Best PhD Award 2020 on pages 14 and 15! 

As the aviation sector faces extraordinary challenges, we look to SMEs for inspiration on how to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and more environmentally-friendly than ever before. Read on to hear more about the impact of these small-but-mighty companies on clean aviation!

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