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Technology Evaluator First Global Assessment 2020 Technical Report

reportThis report presents the main findings of the first full Technology Evaluator Assessment of Clean Sky 2. It represents a major milestone in measuring the potential impact of the programme and verifying its value. It is the first of two assessments – the second and final one will be carried out in 2024. 

The interim results show very good progress towards the objectives set out in the regulation of the Clean Sky 2 programme, especially when taking into account that several technologies have yet to be integrated into the overall aircraft. 

For the past 6 years, Clean Sky 2 has been fostering the development of new and innovative technologies that are supporting the transformation of aviation into a climate-neutral sector. 

The role of the Technology Evaluator is to assess the environmental impact of these innovative technologies when integrated into concept aircraft and to determine the extent of Clean Sky's contribution to its high level environmental objectives (for CO2, NOx, noise). 

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