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MoU in place
RIS3 with priority in aeronautics:
Development of innovative space and security applications / Aeronautics & Space

A national call under the ‘National Operational Programme Competitiveness 2014 -2020, Action 1.1.3 - Creating synergies with R&DI actions of the Framework Program’ was launched in 2016 by the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds and by the Ministry of Research and Innovation. This call supports synergies with H2020 and specifically refers to complementary activities to Clean Sky 2 in the context of the MoU signed between Clean Sky 2 JU and the National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation of Romania –ANCSI (at present, the Ministry of Research and Innovation). In the framework of this call, a complementary project (RoRCraft CompAct) was submitted by the National Institute of Aerospace Research ‘ELIE CARAFOLI’ – INCAS which is a Core Partner of Clean Sky 2 JU and was selected for funding in 2017.

Pilot project

RoRCraft project approved by the national authorities, as complementary to Clean Sky 2

The activities proposed in RoRCraft CompAct are complementary with the activities of the RoRCraft – RotorCraft fuselage manufacturing for the RACER demonstrator, project under Clean Sky 2 JTICS2-2014-CPW01- FRC-02-01

Objectives: the project aims to enhance the capabilities to design, manufacture and certify according to airworthiness regulations large hybrid (metal – composite) airframe structures.

Areas of expertise developed within the frame of this project include design methods, manufacturing technologies for devices and finite parts, and assembly and testing technologies for hybrid structures. The outcome of the project will enable the development and the application of new technical solutions (more efficient and safe) for the manufacturing and testing for the fuselage and obtaining the permit to fly for the LifeRCraft Technological Demonstrator.

Total Budget: 9.022.543,20 RON (approx. € 1.93 million)

ESIF contribution: 8.998.543,20 RON (approx. € 1.9 million)

Starting date: 1 st February 2018 – duration: 25 months

Clean Sky Synergies Scenario 2: ESIF Parallel funding

Participants: INCAS – National Institute for Aerospace Research ‘Elie Carafoli’.

Romania Pilot Project


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