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Sustainable and Green Engine (SAGE)

The Sustainable And Green Engines ITD programme (SAGE) aimed to establish, within the European industry, the capability of introducing new advanced technologies into future aero-engines to achieve significant improvements in environmental characteristics, while sustaining a strong commercially competitive position in global markets. The programme is based on 6 engine projects with 5 full-scale demonstrators, representing the propulsion requirements for important categories of modern transport aircraft. The scope was to assess, design, build and test these five full-scale engine demonstrators distinguished by application (helicopter, regional, narrow-body and wide-body) and by engine architecture (2-shaft, 3-shaft, open-rotor). These demonstration vehicles used the competencies and facilities of aero-engine manufacturers from across Europe as well as research establishments, academia and SMEs. SAGE’s advanced engine technologies will facilitate the early introduction of innovative new products to significantly reduce the environmental impact of air transport. Partners from SMEs, research centres and universities have contributed to disseminating the results even if, due to the high level of maturity (high TRL) of the technologies investigated, SAGE has performed more exploitation than dissemination. The table below shows the results of the dissemination, while for the results of the exploitation, refer to the relevant section.

Scientific Papers 52
Master/PhD Thesis 0
Conference Papers 61
Other Diss. 58
Total 171

The figure below shows the production of the papers during the course of the project. Clean Sky 2 is certain that further publications have been made after the closure of the project and for this it invites the authors to report their works.

Sustainable and Green Engine (SAGE)

Most of these works were produced by universities and industry. This chart considers only the institution to which the first author of the paper belongs. However, it must be noted that more than 55% of SAGE Clean Sky papers involve more than one organisation. This means that the participation of industry (SMEs have been included in this category) and research centres to the project dissemination is higher of that indicated in the picture below.

Paper for type of organisation

Sustainable and Green Engine (SAGE)

More than 86% of all dissemination occurred in Europe, around 5% in the United States and about 9% in the rest of the world, as shown in this figure where the number of papers for country are reported.

Conference Participation for Country

Sustainable and Green Engine (SAGE)


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