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Systems for Green Operations (SGO)

The Systems for Green Operation (SGO) platform aimed to develop and demonstrate innovative technologies and functions for aircraft systems, providing environmental benefits typically in the range of -5% in CO2 emissions and -3dB in noise for flight phases close to the ground.

SGO was in charge of the Management of Aircraft Energy (MAE) focusing on two areas: “More-Electric Aircraft Equipment Systems Architectures”, for solutions for future aircraft where increased electrical power consumption would replace hydraulic and pneumatic power; and “Thermal Management”, which adapted and demonstrated the control of heat exchanges and reduction in heat waste within the whole aircraft through advanced Thermal Management equipment and functions. In addition, SGO was in charge of the Management of Aircraft Trajectory and Mission (MTM) focusing on two areas: “Management of trajectory and Mission”, enabling Green Trajectories based on more precise, reliable and predictable 3D flight paths, with minimal noise impact and low emissions, taking into account meteorological situations; and “Smart Operations on Ground”, for the demonstration of direct drive electrical motors integrated within the main landing gear and braking systems, for aircraft motion on the ground without use of main engines. SGO ITD beneficiaries have disseminated their results across Europe. Partners from SMEs, research centres and universities greatly contributed to reach the target shown in the table, by increasing performances year after year.

Scientific Papers 173
Master/PhD Thesis 3
Conference Papers 155
Other Diss. 26
Total 357

The figure below shows the production of the papers during the course of the project. Clean Sky 2 is certain that further publications have been made after the closure of the project and for this it invites the authors to report their works.

Paper Production for Year

Systems for Green Operations (SGO)

Most of these works were produced by universities. This chart considers only the institution to which the first author of the paper belongs. However, it must be noted that more than 66% of SGO Clean Sky papers involve more than one organisation. This means that the participation of universities and industries (SMEs have been included in this category) to the project dissemination is higher of that indicated in the picture below.

Paper for type of organisation

Systems for Green Operations (SGO)

More than 62% of all dissemination occurred in Europe, around 18% in the United States and about 20% in the rest of the world, as shown in this figure where the number of papers for country are reported.

Conference Participation for Country

Systems for Green Operations (SGO)